Millet Field

2010 sewn field, young shoots, turning pink, millet plant, seed head, after harvest, stubble in the snow.

(Silk, oil pastels, acrylic paint, threads, dye – 166cm x 76cm)

Over the year of 2009 I took photos of this unusual crop, Millet, growing in the field behind my house. As it developed it produced a beautiful crop with a pink hue.  The heads drooped and as they got closer to harvest coloured to a silver fawn. My favourite view is the section is the snow stubble. This was produced by bands of oil pastel shading from brown  to pale yellow up the cloth  which was covered with white acrylic paint. I then scratched into the paint to reveal the colours and and make stubble marks. Finally I hand stitched further stubble marks to join the quilt also  providng relief and depth.


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